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What we clean:

-Oil / gas boiler & hot water heater chimneys.  Cost: $79.99 + tax.

-Fireplace chimneys.  Cost: $79.99 + tax

-Wood stove chimneys (Includes wood stove pipes and cleaning out the stove) Cost: $129.99 + tax

-Wood stove Insert chimneys (includes cleaning above baffle and cleaning out stove insert).  Cost:

$129.99 + tax


We do not clean:

-Pellet stoves or inserts chimneys

-Gas stoves or inserts chimneys

-Coal stoves or inserts chimneys

-Gas fireplace units

-Door glass of any kind.  (When we come to clean the chimney for any application, we are not responsible for cleaning the door glass, If the glass was not properly cared for or cleaned from the beginning there is a high risk of failure when cleaning)


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