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Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed a wide variety of jobs ranging from something as simple as a standard chimney cleaning to replacing the interior lining of chimney or the enitre chase cover of a chimney.  Listed below you will see some before and after pictures and images of work we have completed 



Here you can see we removed and replaced the customers old chimney crown with a nice new cement crown, we have also put a new stainless steel cap on the oil/gas burner flue and installed a new high effiencey top locking damper

Installing a new stainless steel lining system for a customer with a chimney where the old clay liner was leaking creating a dangerous sitiuation, this will also increase the efficiency at which the burner runs.  

A common occurance when a chimney is not properly capped.  Make sure to have a cap on every flue in your chimney! 

Unfortunately this is a very common problem (very dangerous) when a chimney is not properly maintained or left uncapped.  When water is able to breech the chimney it will cause internal damage not always seen from the outside

If you notice the top of your chimney starting to rust call us immeditly.  This is a clear indication water is causing damage to your chimney.  If not caught in time the rust will run down the siding and on the roof, in which case will permanently stain the siding and roof of your house

99% of the time if you are seeing a stain like this on the ceiling or wall near your fire place or oil/gas burner it is the chimney causing this leak!  Give us a call to give you a free estimate! 

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