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Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed a wide variety of jobs ranging from something as simple as a standard chimney cleaning, to replacing the interior lining of chimney or the enitre chase cover of a chimney.  Listed below you will see some before and after pictures and images of work we have completed 



This is what we call a typical bandaid fix!  This customer had a very poor draft in both chimney flues.  The home is located on the water and neither the boiler or fireplace would draft properly.  A company came in and just stuck a few pieces of pipe into the chimney with turbine caps to "fix" the problem.  After not getting adequate results, we were called in to properly re-line the boiler chimney and installed a powered exhaust fan on the fireplace.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

A great way to drastically lower your heating costs is to install a wood stove or a wood stove insert (into your existing fireplace.)  Here we installed a traditional free standing wood stove with all new interior and exterior pipe.  A properly sized/installed wood stove can EASILY heat a home of up to 2,000 square feet!  

A home owners WORST NIGHTMARE!  This customer had been away on vacation and his boiler started to puff back into the home due to a blockage inside the chimney.  By time he came home (as you can see) the house was destroyed and it cost ten's of thousands of dollars to clean!  

A small masonry repair was needed here to get this older chimney back into proper shape.  

A very common worn out chase cover that was in need of replacment.  Very Often builders will use inferior metals at the top of your chimney.  Some times in only a few years they will rust and rot causing leaks and rust stains.  When this happens we remove everything at the top of the chimney and install a new one piece stainless steel chase cover, with new caps, and new exterior pipes to ensure you'll never have this issue again!

Here the boiler company was called when the boiler started to puff back into the homes basement.  Upon inspection it was reveled that the clay chimney lining had collapsed.  We were able to remove the broken pieces and installed a full 25' stainless steel lining system to bypass the failing clay flue.  

This homeowner was looking to update the look of his chimney with out spending a lot of money.  So here we removed the old/damaged cap and installed a new stainless steel cap.  We also sanded and primed the old chimney housing and painted it black with an all weather high temp paint.  

Shown here, one of the many reasons it is so important to use high quality products in your chimney.  At this home we were called  to do a routine sweep on a boiler chimney, and discovered the lining system had broken just a few feet down.  Not only had this customer paid for a new lining which did not last, but when the lining fails it can cause an unsafe blockage which can lead to a puff back or a dangerous C02 issue.  

When your chimney is not accessible from the roof, often times we will use the help of a boom lift or scaffolding.  When we can work more comfortably and safer, undoubtedly the work will be more thorough and result in a much nicer finished product.  

At this home we installed a new wood stove in a room of the home which had no chimney at all.  After the stove was in place we opened a hole out of the side of the house and built and new insulated pipe chimney for the wood stove to vent into.  A great way to reduce you oil/gas usage bills!  

A common occurance when a chimney is not properly capped.  Make sure to have a cap on every flue in your chimney! 

Unfortunately this is a very common and very dangerous problem when a chimney is not properly maintained or left with out a chimney cap.  Water is able to breech the chimney and it will cause internal damage that is not always seen from the outside.  This was a pipe that went from the boiler into the chimney base.  This customer was getting a high C02 warning from and alarm and luckily we found the problem before any major issues occurred.

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