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Tips/tricks to burning a clean and safe fire:


-If you are using wood as your fuel source it is EXTREMELY important to burn a dry, clean, hardwood with a low moisture content.  The more moisture that is in the wood you are burning the more smoke and odor the fire will make.  Wood with a higher moisture content burns very dirty and will clog up your chimney quickly with the potential for an unsafe buildup of creosote that can easily lead to a chimney fire.  If unfamiliar with how to tell if your wood is properly seasoned, I would suggest picking up and moisture meter so you can test the wood. 


-Try to limit the amount of paper you burn in the fire as well.  Do not burn cardboard or any other type of waxy paper as this will leave deposits inside your chimney. 


-Burning duraflame type logs and or creosote sweeping logs is not an issue.


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