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SOOT SOLUTIONS 631-403-4755

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Soot Solutions Chimney Cleaning


Miller Place, NY 11764

Phone:  1-631-403-4755


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You can rely on Soot Solutions Chimney Cleaning to provide you with top quality work and the most honest pricing around.  


We are proud to offer:

-Free repair estimates

-Chimney cleaning

-Chimney caps

-Damper repairs/replacements

-Flashing repair


-Leak repair

-Chase covers

-Minor masonry repairs (crowns etc.)

-Lining system installation

-Inspections (real estate and or insurance)

-Wood stove/wood stove insert installations

-Insulated pipe chimney building




We do not clean:

-Pellet stoves or pellet insert chimneys

-Gas stoves or gas insert chimneys

-Coal stoves or coal insert chimneys

-Gas fireplace units

-Door glass of any kind.  (When we come to clean the chimney for any application, we are not responsible for cleaning the door glass, If the glass was not properly cared for or cleaned from the beginning there is a high risk of failure when cleaning)

-Fireplace ash pits, due to the incredible volume some can hold, we do not clean them out.  Some are hollowed out into the leg of the foundation and can hold 100's of gallons of ash.  

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